Destiny 2: An Exclusive PS4 Weapon Available By Mistake On PC And Xbox One

Destiny 2_ An Exclusive PS4 Weapon

The last Destiny 2 patch brought an unwanted change, which put the Bungie developers in a bit of trouble. In practice, Wavesplitter, the exclusive gun for PS4 users, has also been made available on PC and Xbox One.

Normally a year should pass before exclusive content for PS4 is made available for other platforms too, but the weapon was only launched last September, so it is certainly a mistake.

The error of which, however, several users were able to take advantage of before Bungie noticed the bug. As mentioned at the beginning, this is probably an error linked to the last Destiny 2 patch arrived last week, as the exclusive weapon was available through the Xur seller, and since it was an exotic weapon it was mistakenly inserted in the pool of those available.

Bungie has already stated that he is aware of the problem and is working on a possible solution, but in the meantime, those who managed to buy Wavesplitter can continue to use it. Once the situation is resolved, however, all those who are not entitled to use it will no longer have access to the rifle.

What do you think of the situation? Are you among those who managed to get hold of it?