Dontnod And Focus

Dontnod And Focus Home Are Working On A New Project

French publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced that it has renewed its partnership with Dontnod Entertainment to develop a new project, defined as “one of the most ambitious ever developed by the two companies”.

Dontnot and Focus Home have already collaborated together for Vampyr, a title launched in June 2018 and capable of selling over a million copies, a figure destined to increase with the arrival of the game on Nintendo Switch. The two French companies are already engaged in a game of which we do not know anything, it is not clear therefore if Dontnod is working on Vampyr 2 or on a new IP.

According to a recent financial report, the studio is currently working not only on Life is Strange 2 (Square Enix) and Twin Mirror (Bandai Namco) but also on two new projects , including the one just announced with Focus Home Interactive, while last mysterious game there are no traces but it is rumored that the company has already found an interested publisher.

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