Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia Update Is Available Now

Bethesda announces that the Wild Appalachia update for Fallout 76 is now available on all platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC) bringing with it a considerable load of news.

New missions: 100% Terror! 
Discover the secrets “cryptids” of the Appalachia in a new series of missions and meetings that accompany the monster to the myth.

New missions More efficient! 
Reach the most remote depths of the woods with new stories from the legendary pioneer scouts. Get merit badges, climb ranks and earn a new backpack that is very useful and customizable.

New features Legendary trade and recycling! 
Find the mysterious Collector to exchange and recycle the legendary items you don’t need and get new ones. For each classification star of a recycled legendary object, increase the chances of getting the legendary weapon or armor of your dreams.

New features: CAMP decorations, player distributors and camera
Use the items in your store to decorate the CAMP, build distributors to put the goods for sale and take wonderful snapshots thanks to the new camera. Distributors do all the work: you just have to count the caps!

New features: Mixture and distillation
Discover the secrets of the legendary Nuka-Shine, the forbidden alcohol, and organize parties at home by distilling your new favorite drinks in the CAMP

New seasonal event: Fasnacht Parade 
Greet Mr. Winter
 and celebrate the arrival of spring with the ancient Fasnacht party! Join the parade and complete this limited time event to get unique rewards like the Fasnacht masks.

New game mode: Survival
This mode raises the stakes of the PVP experience with more restrictions, improved rewards, new challenges and all the contents of the original Adventure mode!


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