Football Invades The Fortnite Store: Here Are All The Updates Of April 10th

If your dream is to see FIFA Battle Royale one day, well … it’s probably going to remain a dream. For all your football- combative needs, however, from now on there is the Fortnite Shop, which in today’s update offers many objects and skins on the most famous sport in the world.

And when the most popular video game of the moment meets the most popular sport in the world, the result can only be epic, isn’t it? Mistaken! Because the skins in question are “only” of a rare type.

So here are the various outfits in the shop called Aerial Threat, Clinical Crosser, Dynamic Dribbler, Finesse Finisher, Midfield Master, Poised Playmaker, Stalwart Sweeper, and Super Striker, each customizable with the colors of your favorite country.

The theme of the football is also the Vuvuzela- shaped pickaxe and the Elite Cleat pickaxe somewhat reminiscent of the Golden Ball, and the Goalbound glider. To complete the picture there are the daily sales, with the Phone It In and Spring-Loaded dances, the Waypoint outfit and the Tri-Star pickaxe.

As usual we remind you that the Fortnite Shop update will take place around noon, Italian time, that the items supplied do not offer any competitive advantage in battle, and that to take a look at all the new additions you can click on the link to source or on the tweet at the bottom of the news.

Meanwhile, the new should arrive today Fortnite update, while the first rumors about Fortnite Seasons 9 and 10 have also arrived.