Fortnite 8.30: All The News Of The Battle Royale!

Fortnite 8.30

The Fortnite 8.30 update has finally arrived and Epic Games has released the complete list of new features of this substantial patch, now available for download on all platforms.

Restart van

Never give up, never give up! Returns comrades eliminated with the restart van to battle. Launch into the fray and become the hero your team needs.

Event Buccaneer loot

Onboarding, mob! Take part in the Buccaneer Bazaar event and get rich prizes! Test your skill in a new MAT every day and collect treasures in the form of game rewards by completing the free challenges.

Explosive Flight Time Mode

This mode combines the explosive fun of high potential Explosive MAT with the Jetpack. Blast through the skies and send all the others back to the lobby with bombs!

The much-rumored Restart Van debuts with the Buccaneer Buccaneer event, and the Explosive Flight Limited Time Mode also appears, with the return of the Jetpack! In addition to this, Epic Games has fixed various bugs and technical problems while the Girosphere nerf has been postponed until next week. Soon we will reveal to you the novelties of the Creative Mode and Save the World introduced today with the Fortnite patch 8.30.