Fortnite Creative Mode

Fortnite Creative Mode: The Multiple Selection And The Capture Area Arrive

Not only new to Fortnite Battle Royale, the 8.30 update (now available for download) has also brought new content for Creative Mode, including prefabs, a new military theme, and the Multiple Selection tools.

Multiple selections

Grab the corner house or the entire neighborhood! The Multiple Selection tools have arrived, and moving around is child’s play.

Military base theme

Strengthen your fort with sparkling new military-style buildings. It is the first set of buildings to debut in Creative mode before appearing in the actual Battle!

Capture area

Place the object inside the air that will be used for scoring. Use this device for game modes Capture the flag!


  • Added 6 military prefabs
  • Added 8 military galleries made up of team color variants
  • Military number gallery added
  • Added the gallery of military objects
  • Added a new military lights gallery that allows the player to change the colors of the lights


Added new tropical island The island has a symmetrical structure for team-to-team play modes. Added new River Bank Island Redesigned version of the tropical island with the new Military set.

Weapons and Objects

Added Jetpack Legendary Rarity. The Jetpack is activated by jumping in mid-air and offers additional mobility. During the flight, it can be used for a limited duration before having to recharge it. Charging begins when the Jetpack is not in use. It is not possible to enter target mode during the flight. On the controller, the switch to target mode will activate the Jetpack. Known problem: Infinite ammunition does not apply to Jetpack fuel.

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