Fortnite: News For Salva Il Mondo, Nerf Girosfera And Concept For Distributors


While we await the arrival of the Fortnite update 8.30 (expected for the late morning today, Wednesday 10 April) Epic Games has unveiled some news scheduled for Fortnite Salva il Mondo, as well as announcing a delay for the Girosphere nerf. The community instead presents a new concept for distributors …

Fortnite News Save the World

Today’s update should introduce a new hero, in addition to the Steampunk shotgun and the Delete and Collect game mode. New content has also been confirmed for updates 8.40, 8.50 and v8.50, but at the moment there are no precise details on the matter. Surely we will see the Easter Egg Launcher, that is the weapon shoots eggs, as well as new characters decorated for Easter. News for Salva il Mondo are expected for the second half of the year but already during Season 9, we should see important changes to the EndGame.

Nerf for the Girosfera

With a post on Reddit, Epic Games confirmed that the 8.30 update will not include the much-promised changes to the Girosfera, due to unexpected technical problems these changes have been postponed and will debut later, probably again during the month of April.

Concept for Distributors

Also from Reddit comes a Fortnite concept linked to the Distributors: the idea of ​​the community is to offer objects of limited duration in time (three or five minutes) instead of just one use. Who knows that Epic cannot really take inspiration from this idea and introduce it into Fortnite.

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