Fortnite The Helicopter

Fortnite: The Helicopter Is Still Moving. What If He Was Looking For Something?

Fortnite’s mysterious helicopter continues to move around the map, as it has been doing for a couple of weeks, and it is still not known what lies behind its activities. With today’s one, it moved a total of 15 times, in a more or less circular trajectory around Loot Lake.

In recent days an excavation had appeared in that very area, but it was completely completed by the community, which eventually found a metal bunker. According to some theories it is from there that Rovina will rise, on which at the moment little is known, except that, as revealed by the creative director Donald Mustard, it is the right hand of the prisoner.

Many therefore think that the helicopter is looking for him, while according to other slightly more imaginative theories, the aircraft would be looking for the rocks that were still intact or even the cube that had melted in the lake since it was the same area. None of these hypotheses has been confirmed for the time being. What do you think this is about?

Meanwhile, the new Fortnite update should arrive today, while Fortnite’s first hypotheses on Seasons 9 and 10 have arrived. That the helicopter has something to do with these?

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