Is Dragon’s Dogma 2 In Development? Hideaki Itsuno Suggests It

Hideaki Itsuno, Devil May Cry V’s Game Director, posted on Twitter some photos of a dinner held in the past few days with the game’s development team and ” the team responsible for a new project “, words that certainly didn’t go unnoticed. ..

Although there are no details on this mysterious project, Hideaki Itsuno never made any secret of wanting to work on Dragon’s Dogma 2 and repeatedly reiterated that ” it gave priority to Devil May Cry V, since Capcom did not have sufficient resources to develop two AAA at the same time “.

Now that Dante’s adventure has come out and has been welcomed by audiences and critics, the time has come for Itsuno to turn the page and it is the next step that could be Dragon’s Dogma 2. Capcom has shown that it continues to believe in the franchise, as demonstrated by its support for Dragon’s Dogma Online (available only in Japan) and the arrival of Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen on Switch.

That Dragon’s Dogma 2 could already be under development, perhaps born from the ashes of Deep Down? We’ll probably find out in the coming months.