Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode will put you to the test

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 was a very successful title, the fans had been waiting for it for several years. However, one of the major criticisms of the game was the lack of a good level of challenge. In this regard, Square Enix has promised the arrival of the Critical mode (ie a level of difficulty designed for the most experienced players).

As reported by Gamingbolt , during an interview co-director Tai Yasue stated that to face the new mode, players will have to have assimilated all the mechanics present in the game, we are not only talking about those related to combat (like the attack and the parade) but also those unrelated to clashes, such as the need to cook food to earn useful bonuses in battle. Moreover, Yasue spoke of some unpublished technical skills:

We wanted to do it (the introduction of the new modality) in the right way and not superficially. We wanted a new experience and we realized that we could do a lot more. We have introduced, for example, new skills for the critical mode, in this way you will have more styles than fighting based on the technique with which you can have fun.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available on PS4 and Xbox One. What do you think? Will you pick up the title again for a bigger challenge?