Pokemon Go: Lucky Friend

Pokemon Go: Lucky Friends And New Available Avatar Poses

Niantic Labs has officially announced the arrival of two new features of Pokemon GO: Lucky Friends and Pose Avatar, both already available with the latest update for iOS and Android.

Lucky friends

The next time you trade with your lucky friends, the traded Pokémon will become lucky Pokémon! How do you become lucky friends? To become lucky friends, you must first be best friends. You will have the chance to become best friends once a day when you exchange Pokémon, you will open the friendship package that you have given yourself, you will participate together in raids and challenges in the Gym or when you will fight in a Coach challenge.

How can you know if your best friend has become a lucky friend? When you have become lucky friends you will both receive a confirmation notification, as happens when you increase your friendship level. Moreover, you will be able to see your new lucky friends in the friend’s list and on their profile page. Once the exchanges are completed, you will return to being best friends from lucky friends. But don’t worry Coaches: following the same procedure, you can try to become lucky friends again!

Pose Avatar

” Ready to get noticed in the Gym or in your friend’s list? We are introducing the avatar poses with which you can customize the coaching pose in your Coach Profile, in the friend’s list, in the raid start screen, in the Gyms and in the previews of the fights. Once acquired, you will find the pose in your account and you can use it for male and female avatars. Thank you for continuing your adventure with us, Coaches. We are really excited to give you new features and customizations for the game. Have fun exploring! “


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