Fortnite: Dark Bombarolo and Bananas in the New Store Update

Yesterday Epic Games published the Fortnite update 8.30 which brought the new Buccaneer Buccaneer event together with Pirate-themed skins, which are still partially available today together with a series of unpublished skins and objects.

Among the Fortnite news on Thursday 11 April, we find the Bucaniere and Lupo di Mare skins, both Rare and sold at the price of 1,200 V-Buck each, the High Seas pick (Rare) at 800 V-Buck and the return of the Dark Bombarolo, Rare skin sold at 1,200 V-Buck. And then again the Thunder Crasher (Epico) and Dark Glyph (Non-Common) picks available at 1,200 and 500 V-Buck respectively, the skin Elmira (Epica, 1,500 V-Buck), The Renegade (Uncommon, 800 V-Buck) , the Squid Striker pick (Rare, 800 V-Buck), the Tusk Non-Common Hang Glider (500 V-Buck) and finally the two Emote Criss Cross (Rara) and GlowStick (Epica) at 500 and 800 V-Buck respectively.

In the past few hours, the new Fortnite 8.30 skins not yet available but supposedly coming in the next few weeks have also been leaked, in addition to the Inferno Package which should include a fiery skin, pickaxe, cover and a certain amount of V-Buck not yet announced.