Fortnite: Epic Removes A Map Of Furyleaks, Contained A Suicide Scene


As you know, Fortnite users can create maps and personalized content within the District, a space designed specifically for the use and consumption of the most creative players. In the past few hours, however, Epic Games has been forced to remove the creation of FuryLeaks.

The well-known leaker had created a map called Mysterious Mansion , an abandoned mansion full of mysteries, which apparently also contained decidedly macabre scenes: according to Epic Games, the creator went beyond the allowed limit, adding a room where the scene of a suicide, with hanging rope and overturned chair, as if to represent a hanging.

Epic Games has removed the creation in question after the reports of some users adding the following motivation: ” we have removed the creation of FuryLeaks, we had not noticed the incriminated scene and it is something that we cannot allow among the creators of contents, we beg to take them into account in the future. “

Polygon has published an image of the offending scene, you can see it below. What do you think of the decision of Epic Games? Is the removal of the Mysterious Mansion right in your opinion?