Fortnite: Ninja Is Afraid That The Epic Game Could End Up Like H1z1

Fortnite’s update 8.30 did not convince Ninja (and apparently not even other Pro Players), the famous streamer ran again against Epic Games, declaring itself worried about the health of the Battle Royale.

According to Ninja ” Fortnite has so many problems that Epic is not solving with the updates, I fear that the game has taken the road taken by H1Z1 and that led to the death of the game. ” The reference to the Daybreak title is linked to the considerable amount of bugs that have always characterized the production and that according to many have influenced the long-term success of H1Z1, despite a moderate boom of initial popularity.

Ninja has abandoned Fortnite after the release of the 8.20 patch and the streamer has not changed his mind even with the update 8.30 and with the imminent start of the Fortnite World Cup 2019 , so much that in the last few days on his channel he has dedicated himself to other games like Sekiro Shadow Die Twice from From Software.

The words of Ninja are, however, perhaps too strong, Fortnite is certainly plagued by various problems but it seems far from having taken the avenue of the sunset, also considering the tens of millions of players active monthly on the Epic Games Battle Royale.