Is AMD Going To Produce The Playstation 5 And New Xbox Chips?

Playstation 5

It is now clear to everyone that we are getting closer to big strides towards the new generation of consoles. The latest rumors on PlayStation 5 merely demonstrate how the gamer community is looking forward to finally talking about next-gen.

A little while ago the names were also leaked for an alleged PlayStation 5 line-up which, although perhaps a bit fanciful, still makes fans of the Sony console dream. To make us take a real step forward towards the next-gen, however, we think AMD, which according to some rumors leaked in the past few hours, would be ready to mass-produce PlayStation 5 and new Xbox chips.

This is the SoC called with the codename Gonzalo, which would be the basis of the architectures of the two consoles, whose specifications had already leaked in the past when there was talk of eight physical cores, 1 GHz clock speed, and 3.2 GHz boost, GPU Navi 10 Lite always 1Ghz.

According to what is reported by the source instead, this time the specifications would be a minimum different and retouched upwards. The clock speed, for example, should reach 1.6 GHz and some new GPU-related codes, for example, would suggest that the chip has been developed further over the past few months.

As it is, according to the alleged characteristics it should be a rather high-performance SoC, and if AMD were really ready to produce it en masse, it would really be the first official step towards the next gen.