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Super Mario Odyssey Updates With The Theater Mode, Also In VR

Through the official Super Mario Odyssey Japanese Twitter account, we discover a novelty coming for the hugely popular Nintendo Switch title regarding VR support, which will be added with a patch coming April 25th.

As we know, in fact, the arrival of Nintendo Labo VR, the Nintendo virtual reality viewer, of the same line as the famous Toy-Con released last year, is also planned for Mario’s latest adventure, which will be updated to include some innovations designed specifically for virtual reality.

In fact, three new mini-missions for the game will be added, set in the Hat, Sea and Cooker Kingdoms, where it will be possible to collect coins and notes. According to the Super Mario Odyssey screenshots, we will also be able to collect musical instruments and deliver them to the various characters in the game.

But this is not the only novelty: Nintendo has announced the arrival of the theater mode, the so-called Theater Mode, which will make it possible to see the various cutscenes of the game with the VR viewer, to frame the story from another perspective of the videogame.

What do you think of these additions? Do you like the arrival of support for Nintendo Labo VR for a title like Mario’s latest adventure? If you missed it in the meantime, on our site you will find our review of Super Mario Odyssey.


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