Why Did Ubisoft Abandon The Ubiart Framework Engine?

A few years ago Ubisoft had released a production series made with the UbiArt Framework engine, including Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends, Child of Lights and Valiant Hearts The Great War. Since 2015, however, this engine has been abandoned, the company’s CEO explains why.

Interviewed by IGN USA as part of the IGN Unfiltered column, Yves Guillemot points out that

UbiArt Framework allowed us to create great games but it was not easy to use and for this reason we encountered some difficulties in entrusting it to all internal studies. We simply should have taken too long to help the teams master the tools of this engine, hence the decision to temporarily put it aside.

Guillemot underlines ” temporarily ” why in the future UbiArt Framework could be used again by Ubisoft teams, but at the moment it is not a priority for the company. In the same interview, the company’s CEO also talked about the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the return of Splinter Cell in the near future.

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