Will Playstation 5 And Xbox Scarlett Be The Last Traditional Consoles?

According to the president of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will be the last traditional consoles so we have known them until today, for the analyst in the future the Cloud will dominate leaving space to a new type of hardware.

There is no doubt, the vision of the future is clear, the Cloud will be the new console. We will be able to play on any device and on any screen, this is the future of gaming “, these are the words of Amon, financial analyst and president of Qualcomm, which seems to have very clear ideas about it.

It is obviously only a matter of personal forecasts and it is perhaps too early to understand in what direction the hardware market will move exactly in the near future. Certainly, Google Stadia and Project xCloud could contribute to the wide diffusion of the streaming game in the coming years but this does not mean that traditional consoles are destined to disappear completely.

What is your thought on the subject? Do you agree with the words of Cristiano Amon or do you believe that traditional consoles will continue to exist for many years to come?