Amsterdam 1666

Amsterdam 1666: The Author Of Assassin’s Creed Wants To Resume Development From Scratch

The troubled development of Amsterdam 1666 could soon be enriched with a new chapter. This is the project by Patrice Desilets, author of Assassin’s Creed, which was later canceled by Ubisoft after the dissolution of THQ. After the resolution of the lawsuit between Desilets and Ubisoft, the developer now owns the rights.

And during a recent interview, the game was once again talked about: “Of course, Amsterdam 1666 will be done,” said Desilets, who is currently involved in the prehistorically themed survival game, Ancestors, and Amsterdam 1666 does not necessarily do not take inspiration from some game mechanics.

Some time ago a video of Amsterdam 1666 also leaked, a “demonic” open world concept that speaks of the devil in that city and era, which obviously squeezed the eye out of Assassin’s Creed, but from that concept, there will probably be little to save. The technology has changed and the budget available to the author is certainly not that of a triple-A.

“I’m thinking about it, it will probably change a little,” said Desilets. “If my next game is Amsterdam 1666, it’s possible that it starts completely from scratch.”

What do you think of the developer’s words? Do you still have hopes that the game will actually see the light?

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