Apex Legends: Hackers Find A Way To Trick The Anti-cheat System


It is cheater alarm in Apex Legends. Despite the many efforts made by the developers and the constant waves of bans that have led to the removal of over half a million players from game servers, hackers have found a way to circumvent the anti-cheat system surveillance to continue cheating, in particular on PC.

The system developed by the crafty is the most classic of the aim-bots (a system that automatically targets the opposing players), but uses a “soft” approach In essence, hackers have reduced its effectiveness by introducing an algorithm that makes some of the bullets miss the target. In this way, the level of accuracy is artificially lowered, to a value not detectable by the anti-cheat system and at the same time sufficient to improve the effectiveness of the aim of the players who abuse it. This process is called “humanization” , as it makes the cheat less infallible, equating it to an incredibly skillful human being.

Apparently, this system seems to be particularly widespread in Asia, especially in China . Since the game has never officially arrived in the most populous country in the world, forcing Chinese players to use VPNs, isolating the phenomenon is currently very difficult. We hope that the developers find a way to fight it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they explicitly stated that they are working on the cross-play features of Apex Legends .