Bloodborne: The Kickstarter Campaign For The Board Game Is Coming

Four years after its release, partly because of the quality of the title itself, partly because FromSoftware is a guarantee, Bloodborne continues to be one of the most popular titles of this generation, despite its exclusivity for PlayStation 4.

Much to push the publisher CMON Games to try to produce a board game. Bloodborne: The Board Game is in fact their ambitious project, whose Kickstarter campaign will be launched on April 23rd when the backers will be able to contribute to its realization and to conquer the various goals with an offer.

It is an action-adventure game based on a playable campaign of up to 4 players, who in the role of hunters will discover the various secrets and the various threats that await them in the city of Yharnam. The game itself will present miniatures and images based on the characters and enemies of the game, and the presence of weapons and various skills that will help players in battle have also been confirmed.

The combat system is based on building a deck of cards and luck will play a marginal role, according to what the authors say. It remains to be seen if, as is traditional FromSoftware, several deaths are expected for the character before becoming familiar with the game itself.

In the past, a Bloodborne card game had already been released, which we talked about on our website.

What do you think? Would you like to see the idea realized?

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