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Days Gone: The Developers Talk About The Open World In A New Video

Sony PlayStation has released a new video on the long-awaited Days Gone PS4 exclusive. In the video, Emmanuel Roth, Senior Animator of Bend Studios, talked about the open-world setting of the game and some of its interesting features.

The developer told how the idea was to make the protagonist feel in constant danger, despite the sometimes almost idyllic setting, given the beauty of the landscape, and to let the player choose the best approach for a mission. It will, therefore, be possible to decide whether to attempt an ambush without being discovered or whether to try less stealth and more action-oriented strategy.

Even the protagonist’s bike will play an important role: it will be our main means of locomotion, and the goal is to create a link between the player and the vehicle, so that it will be customizable with stickers and whatever, and can be improved in several aspects of it. For example, you can equip it with a larger tank, so you can cover more distance in a single trip, or improve its performance, the engine, and so on.

And since we are talking about hordes of 500 zombies in Days Gone, you should treat it with gloves, or it will leave you on foot at the least opportune moment.

The video in question can be found at the top of the news, as usual. For more information on the game instead, you can read our preview of Days Gone.

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