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Destiny 2: An Artist Has Created More Than 50 Wallpaper Inspired By Emblems

For some time now the artist and fan of Destiny just_SiLeNtWaLkEr have decided to give life to a series of wallpapers inspired by the numerous emblems present in the shooter with subjective view branded Bungie.

After publishing numerous wallpapers dedicated to the first chapter, the user has now set to work on the Destiny 2 emblems and it is already possible to visit a substantial gallery of images. On the site in question, you can not only admire the beautiful wallpapers but also download them to customize the smartphone and tablet home screen. Unlike the backgrounds of the first Destiny, created ad hoc for PC, these are in fact perfect for your mobile phone. Image resolution is very high(we are talking about 3001×5335 pixels), so there is no risk of definition problems even on the screens of the most recent devices. Among the images, we find those dedicated to the emblems of the Dreamy City, to that of Azzardo of Season 4, of the Black Armory and of Cayde-6.

Before leaving you to the images, we remind you that the last Destiny 2 update kicked off the Arco Week , a mini-event that saw the arrival of sensitive buffs to the subclasses in Arco and the return of the exotic quest of the Lord of Thunder. In addition, a new spring event called The Revelry will soon arrive.

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