Epic Games Store: Tim Sweeney Denies The Arrival Of Forums And Trading Cards

Epic Game Store

The Epic Games Store has been online for a few months and the features currently available are very few. If among the most popular new features we find cloud saves, many ask for internal forums or collector cards like those seen on Steam.

According to Tim Sweeney, the Epic boss, these two features will never arrive:

“We do not have plans for inserting a metagame such as collectible cards in the Epic Games Store. The possibility of giving gifts to friends and goals are in our plans. We have also created a ticket system for the support that the developers can use on all platforms and their digital stores. “

“Epic also has no plans to introduce support for forums dedicated to third-party games, but we encourage developers to include links to their independent forums (such as Reddit, for example) on their games page. Just like with Fortnite, we encourage users to use forums like the one created on Reddit for the Royal Battle, which is independent of any store or platform “.

In short, it seems that there is much news coming with the next store updates, but it is difficult for users to find some of the features that distinguish the Valve digital distribution platform.

In a recent tweet, Sweeney also stated that, unlike most users, the Epic client does not include any kind of spyware. The company will also continue to do everything possible to grab new exclusives in addition to those already announced as Detroit: Become Human and Borderlands 3.