Fallout 76: Here Are All The Details On The Cunicoli, New Endgame Activity

Fallout 76

With just a few days to go until the new Fallout 76 update arrives, the Cunicoli will arrive, a new activity that seems to be dedicated exclusively to players who have reached the endgame.

In the new episode of Inside the Vault, just published on the official blog, the developers finally provided some additional details about these dangerous dungeons, located just below Harper Ferry. If before the Great War these dungeons were populated by criminals and people to stay away from, after the nuclear explosions they turned into a safe haven for those who feared the dangers of the Contaminated Zone. Apparently the Brotherhood of Steel has received a distress call from this particular area of the map and, unfortunately, the team sent never returned. Players will then have to find out what is happening in the tunnels and, to do so, they will have to access it via the Harpes Ferry manholes, which you can find near the armory and near Highway 65. To start the mission called “Waste Management” you will have to interact with the corpse of a Scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel, which contains useful information for the departure of the quest.

This type of activity can be dealt with by 2 or more level 50 players and, if you are well equipped and quite skilled, you can even complete it without the help of your teammates. Although the quest can only be completed once, players will have the opportunity to repeat the dungeon over and over again to accumulate extra loot and lots of experience points.

The development team also provided some additional information on the Camera, which is expected to arrive by the end of the month and not the next update as previously announced. This accessory must be recovered from the body of a tourist and can be equipped as a traditional weapon. Thanks to the SnapMatic machine you can take pictures even during a fight and, to do so, you will need to craft films at the work table.

We remind you that the update with the Cunicoli will arrive for free on 16 April 2019 on PC (via the client Bethesda.net), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Did you know that the Atomic Shop sold the first non-cosmetic items?