Fortnite: Even Lynx Now Has An Additional Style

The Fortnite Battaglia Reale developers continue to show interest in revisiting some of the old costumes that came with the previous seasons and, this time, receiving the new alternative styles was the beautiful Lynx.

Anyone who has unlocked the skin by purchasing the Season 7 Battle Pass will now be able to access two new customizations, requested by many users. The additional steps now allow you to decide whether or not the pigtail appears on the character’s head. The small object continued to distract some players, who were thus forced to change the active costume in order to avoid that the movement of the pigtail could affect their performance. So if you are one of the users who left the skin, for this reason, you should know that you can go back to playing Lynx.

We remind you that there are more and more skins that are receiving some touch-ups and, among the last, we find the Overtaker / Whiteout pairs and Mission Specialist / Lunar Walker, published in Season 3. In the last hours the Loot event of the Buccaneers and on our pages you will find a guide on how to look for buried treasure. Did you know that the Girosfera has been weakened due to the numerous controversies of the players?