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Fortnite: Here Comes The Variant Of The Reflex Skin, Furtive Reflex

At the end of last year, NVIDIA and Epic Games launched the Fortnite Reflex Skin, exclusively for players with one of the NVIDIA cards participating in the promotion. This set also arrived in the shop, causing the buyers to buy bundles …

The Riflesso skin could be purchased regularly in the Fortnite shop, thus losing its exclusive nature. The community made itself feel rightly complaining about the loss of exclusivity, in response Epic Games has promised a new exclusive skin.

And so indeed it was, the Reflex Counterattack package was introduced by the Fortnite 8.30 update but does not only include a variant of the Reflect costume, as originally stated, but also a collection tool, a hang glider, and a red and decorative back black instead of green and black like the standard Counterattack skin.

This outfit is available exclusively for those who have purchased one of the NVIDIA cards participating in the promotion and cannot be obtained in any other way, as also confirmed by Epic Games.

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