Fortnite: How To Solve All The Challenges Of The Week 7

The leaker The Squating Dog has published on his Twitter profile the now classic “Cheat Sheet” that will help you solve the new Fortnite Week Challenges and easily find the Secret Star of Week 7.

The image will allow you with a quick glance to locate the exact location of the new challenges , among which we find Inflict damage to enemies as you move on the rope, Hit the opponents with the pickaxe , Eliminate the enemies in the various marked zones, Hit opponents from the top, Find the Chests of Sacking Banks and Snobbish Beaches and Visit the Pirate Fields in a single game, in addition to the additional challenge Find the buried treasure of the event Buccaneer Loot, without forgetting the Phase Challenge Go to Crossroads of the Ciarpame and the Neighborhood in a single game (Phase 1), Go to Parco Pacifico and Sprofondo Stantio (Phase 2), Visit Spiagge Snob and Borgallegro in a single match (Phase 3).

Yesterday was a very busy day for Fortnite players, who in addition to the new challenges witnessed the weakening of the Girosfera, made necessary after the numerous protests of the community and the Pro Players, also in view of the imminent Fortnite World Cup 2019 starting this weekend (13 and 14 April).