Fortnite: The Falco Hang Glider And The Kenji / Kuno Skins Arrive In The Store

After launching the 8.30 update this week, Epic Games continues to publish new content for Fortnite Battle Royale, let’s see together the new aesthetic objects available in the store today, Friday 12 April 2019.

Particularly noteworthy is the arrival of the Kenji and Kuno (Epiche) skins for sale at 1,500 V-Buck each, in addition to the Falco Hang Glider (Legendary) at 1,500 V-Buck, the Quickstrike pick (500 V-Bick), the Dazzle, Scorpio and Verge skins (respectively at 1,200 and 800 V-Buck), the Diverge hang glider (Rare, 800 V-Bick), the Cleaning pick (Non-Common 500 V-Buck) the Benda cover (Uncommon, 300 V -Bick) and finally the Emote Cuore Vero and Slick for sale at 800 and 500 V-Buck each, respectively at Epic and Rare level.

Fortnite Skin, Pigeons, Hang Gliders, Emote

  • Kenji Skin (Epic) 1,500 V-Buck
  • Kuno Skin (Epica) 1,500 V-Buck
  • Hang Glider Falcon (Legendary) 1,500 V-Buck
  • Pickaxe Quickstrike (Uncommon) 500 V-Buck
  • Verge Skin (Uncommon) 800 V-Buck
  • Clean Cut Pickaxe (Uncommon) 500 V-Buck
  • Diverge Hang Glider (Rare) 800 V-Buck
  • Dazzle Skin (Rare) 1,200 V-Buck
  • Scorpion Skin (Uncommon) 800 V-Buck
  • Slick Emote (Rare) 500 V-Buck
  • Bandage Coverage (Uncommon) 300 V-Buck
  • Filet Ax Piccone (Rare) 800 V-Buck
  • True Heart Emote (Epic) 800 V-Buck

Have you already decided what to buy? We remind you that from today the new rewards for the Founders are also available, namely the Bagliore di Rosa collection tool and the Istinto Wild hand glider. In the Epic weekend, it will launch a new series of objects and according to some rumors we will also see the first contents dedicated to Easter