Fortnite: The Ragequit Of The Dr. Disrespect Streamer Is Epic

It is a period of ragequit for the streamer: after the abandonment of Ninja Fortnite, one of the historical and most famous players of the famous Epic Games Battle Royale (temporarily? At the moment the situation is not clear), also another angry creator left the game.

This is Dr. Disrespect who, during a live broadcast on Twitch, left after literally becoming infuriated with the hugely popular Battle Royale. As you can see from the movie that you can find as usual at the bottom of the news, the streamer failed to eliminate an opponent, despite having riddled it with shots and was then killed by the same player.

It is at that point that Dr. Disrespect began to rail against the game, abandoning the live broadcast, causing his and Fortnite’s fans to fear another painful farewell. So it was not, however, since the same author, after a while, posted another live without even hinting at the ragequit of the previous one, resuming playing normally as if nothing had happened.

As for Ninja instead, the streamer seems to have given itself to Sekiro, after abandoning Fortnite in protest against the latest updates of the Epic Games game. What do you think of the situation? Have you appreciated the update 8.30 of Fortnite?