Nintendo Reveals Super Mario Maker 2 Pre-order Bonuses

Super Mario Maker 2

While unfortunately still missing the release date of Super Mario Maker 2, anchored to a generic “June 2019”, the pre-orders for the game have finally been opened, one of the most anticipated titles for Nintendo Switch by the creative gamers of the whole world, judging by the success of the first chapter.

For the occasion, the bonuses were also revealed, which at the moment specify that they are available only for the English market, for those who intend to pre-order the game.

To signal the presence of two bundles that include Super Mario Maker 2: one offers in combination a diorama with some popular characters of the series, while another includes a pencil and an official notebook to better design their own levels of play.

Three different diorama sets with additional characters can also be sold separately for those who intend to buy the game even digitally, without giving up some extra tasty extra.

As mentioned at the beginning, these bonuses are currently intended only for the UK market, but it is not certain that, especially if sales should prove to be good, Nintendo will not decide to reveal any gem for our country shortly.

What do you think? What do you expect from Super Mario Maker 2? Are you ready to unleash your creativity?