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Playstation Network: Here’s How To Change The Date Of Birth

The PlayStation Network was officially launched in the far-off November 2006 and many players, novice and inexperienced with the mechanics of creating a new account, may have entered an incorrect date of birth.

Unlike other services, on the PSN it is, to say the least, fundamental to have recorded the correct date of birth on your profile since, in case of security problems, this parameter can be used by the assistance to recover the account or verify that you are you the legitimate owners of the profile. If you are therefore among the users who have mistakenly entered an incorrect date, we invite you to run for cover as soon as possible. Before continuing with the list of steps to follow, it should be noted that this procedure can be performed only once, so be very careful.

The first thing to do is to visit the Sony Mobile site, thanks to which it is possible to manage all the devices produced by the electronics giant. On the login screen, enter the email address associated with your PlayStation Network account in the email field. If the address entered is correct, a second screen will appear immediately in which to enter your password and, if you have enabled 2-step verification, you will have to enter the code received via SMS in a third screen.

Once you have logged into your profile you will find yourself in front of a page where you will be asked to enter a birth date to use the Sony Entertainment Network services. Paying close attention, enter your correct date of birth, which will replace the previous one.

We also remind you that in the last hours the possibility to change the PSN ID has been enabled and the first change to the nickname is free for all users. On our pages, you will find a guide on how to change PlayStation Network ID, which could lead to the loss of bailouts or trophy progress. Sony has also published a long list with all incompatible games after changing your nickname.

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