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Pokemon Go: How To Become Lucky Friends And What The Advantages Are

Finally, the Lucky Friends feature is available in Pokemon GO. In this mini-guide, we explain how it works, how to become lucky friends with your contacts and what benefits this can bring.

What is the advantage of being lucky friends? When you exchange with a lucky friend, both players will receive a lucky Pokemon. These creatures are distinguished from normal Pokemon by requiring 50% less Star Dust when they are upgraded.

How to become lucky friends in Pokemon GO

To become lucky friends with someone, first, you need to be best friends. You will have the opportunity to become best friends once a day by completing a series of actions: exchanging Pokemon, opening the friendship pack you have given yourself with the other player, participating together in raids and challenges in the Gym, or fighting in a challenge Coach.

How can we tell if our best friend has become a lucky friend? When you have become lucky friends you will both receive a confirmation notification, as happens when your friendship level is increased. Moreover, you will be able to see your new lucky friends in the friend list and on their profile page. Once exchanged by lucky friends, you will return to being best friends. However, by following the same procedure, you can try to become lucky friends again with the same player as before.

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