Bioware, There Is An Air Of Change: The Team Discussed Serious Internal Problems


That BioWare is n’t doing well at all, it’s no secret. Anthem is not getting the expected success, and a recent article by Jason Schreier of Kotaku has brought to light a sea ​​of ​​management problems that have complicated life within the studio, as well as the development of the aforementioned loot shooter and Dragon Age 4.

Shortly after the publication of the article, the Canadian company published an answer on its official blog. General manager Casey Hudson admitted all the problems brought to light, promising at the same time great changes for the future, with the aim of improving the conditions of employees and, consequently, the quality of future games.

Apparently, the company has already set to work in this regard. The ever-informed Jason Schreier said that the team has already met and that some unspecified changes have already been proposed, but they have not won everyone’s favor.

 “BioWare held a long meeting on Wednesday with all the staff to discuss the various issues that emerged internally and in the Kotaku report (production practices, Frostbite, etc.). A couple of people I spoke to are very optimistic about the changes; others, however, are much more skeptical”.

It is not clear how BioWare wants to handle the situation, but we hope that everything goes well and that even the skeptics are favored. Anthem’s post-launch support is at stake, as is the development of Dragon Age 4. In any case, we are delighted that the leaders have decided to take the situation in hand and work for the rebirth of such an important study.