Pokémon Go, The Bagon Community Day Starts Today, April 13: All The Details

pokémon go community day

Pokémon GO coaches, get ready. The expected Bagon Community Day will be held from 15:00 to 18:00 today 13 April.

Bagon is a dragon-type monster introduced with the third generation, capable of evolving into Shelgon and Salamence. Inside the Pokédex, it is described in this way: “Bagon holds in himself the dream of flying high in the sky. In his vain attempts to take flight, he jumps from the heights. Because of these ruinous falls, his head it has become as hard as hardened steel”.

During the scheduled hours, wild Bagons will appear much more frequently than normal. The lucky ones among you, moreover, will even be able to come across for the first time ever in its chromatic version. If within an hour of the end of the event, you succeed in making Bagon evolve into Shelgon and subsequently into Salamence, the latter will learn the exclusive Outrage move, which under normal conditions is not able to learn. For the occasion, you will also have two tasty bonuses: the bait modules will have an extended duration of three hours, while for each capture you will receive three times more experience points (we recommend combining the use of the Fortunuovo object to increase further the number of points earned).

Before leaving to the preparations for the Community Day, we point out that a new Pokémon GO Snapshot Challenge has just been announced which will involve the coaches until the end of May. Niantic’s augmented reality title, meanwhile, broke through the billion download wall.