The Division 2: Ubisoft Apologizes For The Insult To Homosexuals Present In The Game

The Division 2

Ubisoft has placed considerable care in characterizing the game world of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. The streets and buildings of Washington DC are full of details that can be admired by players between shootouts. Something, however, seems to have escaped quality control.

In recent days, the attention of one user was captured by one of the many murals drawn on the walls of the buildings of the US capital. Specifically, it is a re-interpretation of the cover of the single Police Story by the punk band Black Flag (the singer, Henry Rollins, is originally from Washington), in which the pistol was replaced by a much more inviting donut. On the badge of the policeman, however, it is possible to read the same word present on the cover of the single, even if in a slightly reworked version: FA6607. It is enough just a bit of imagination, however, to understand that it is the word “Faggot” , which the Anglo-Saxons use in a derogatory way to refer to homosexuals.

As you can easily imagine, the discovery has sparked the indignation of the entire homosexual community, which has not failed to express all its disappointment on social channels. Realizing the problem, Ubisoft has removed the mural with the latest patch and apologized publicly, promising more attention in the future: 

“We apologize for this image that has escaped our content review process, which we are thoroughly analyzing to prevent such oversights from recurring in the future”.

We take this opportunity to inform you that, after the problems encountered in recent days, the daily and weekly projects have been rehabilitated. We also remind you that the raid for 8 players, part of the recent Tidal Basin update, will open on April 25th. It will be entitled Operation Heart of the Night.