The Last Of Us 2: Neil Druckmann And Actress Laura Bailey In A Photo Of The Mocap Sessions

The processing of The Last of Us Part 2 continues uninterruptedly, one of the most anticipated games ever by the entire community of players in possession of a PlayStation 4. In-depth information on the project continues to hinder – exactly like the release date – but quests today director Neil Druckmann has published a new photo.

Almost four months from the last time, the co-creator of the entire series updated his Instagram profile by publishing a snapshot of him with Laura Bailey, taken at the end of his performance capture sessions. In The Last of Us Part 2, the American actress will play a mysterious woman who showed herself for the first and only time during the Paris Games Week 2017 trailer. The shot is accompanied by the following words of Neil Druckmann: “Thank you for helping me to give life to one of my favorite characters. You have made sparks!”. The details on the latitan woman – we only know that she has a 4-letter name – but it is likely that she will play a rather important role since she is one of the director’s favorite characters.

In recent days some rumors began to circulate that referred to a possible release date set for 2019. We didn’t have to wait long before receiving a response from Naughty Dog.