Fortnite: Bandolette and Snowstrike Arrive in the Shop, New Leak Skins Update 8.30

Fortnite Bandolette and Snowstrike

The very interesting week starts for Fortnite Battle Royale players, who can find in the store many new aesthetic objects such as skins, emotes, picks and hang gliders.

Among the new features of Monday 15 April, we find the Snowstrike and Snowfoot skins (Epic) on sale at 1,500 V-Buck each, the Bandolette costume (Rare) at 1,200 V-Buck and the Cloaked Star and Nitelite costumes, available at 1,500 and 800 V-Buck respectively. The Snowblades hang-glider (800 V-Buck), the Inverted Blade and Machete (Non-Common, both available at 500 V-Buck), the Piccone Machete (500 V-Buck) and the Magma and Digital GrayScale cover available at 700 and 300 V-Buck.

Leak Skin of Fortnite

Fortnite Insider has released the list of aesthetic contents leaked last week and appeared in the update source code 8.30 but not yet available, including the Ruin skin, the Ruin Dying Light back, the Burnmark cover, the Dread and Relax picks and the Switch step emote, in addition to Fortnite’s Inferno Package which should make its appearance in the coming days, probably as early as this week.

Over the weekend, there was also talk of a new Fortnite x Avengers event with the return of Thanos and the likely in-game appearance of the Avengers …