Fortnite: Music CDs Arrive In The Store, The First Is Marathon


Starting today, Monday, April 15, 2019, Epic Games has added a new item to the Fortnite store: in addition to Emote, Deltaplani, Picconi, Coperture and Skin, Music CDs also make their appearance.

What is it about exactly? Of melodies that can be used to personalize their Lobby, Music CDs were available up until now in the Battle Pass, which can only be obtained as rewards to be unlocked by achieving certain goals. Now the CDs are finally on sale in the shop too, with the first (Marathon) offered at the price of 200 V-Buck, about 2 euros.

In recent weeks the data miners had unveiled the arrival of the Music CDs but in many imagined a debut during Season 9, instead Epic surprised everyone anticipating the arrival of the music tracks, just in time for the Easter holidays …

Also thanks to the work of leaker and dataminer we have discovered the possible arrival of Fidget Spinner in Fortnite, even in this case it is not clear however when the object will actually be available in-game.