Fortnite Reboot Van: Where To Find Them And How To Use Them For Respawn

The Fortnite update 8.30 introduced the Reboot Van, a new vehicle scattered for the Royal Battle Island that allows the companions to be brought back to life. In this mini-guide, we show you where to find them on the map, and how to use them to win games.

Below we explain to you where to find Fortnite Return Vans and how to use them to bring your teammates back to life.

How to use the Restart Vans to bring companions to life

Restart Vans have introduced a re-entry mechanism similar to the Apex Legends respawn, available in Fortnite Battle Royal team mode. Once they are killed, teammates now release a card that remains on the ground for 90 seconds. The other team members can collect it by the end of time, in order to take it to one of the Restart Vans and bring the teammate back to life.

The card can be collected in just 0.5 seconds, while to bring the mate back to life, you will have to interact with the Restart Van for 10 seconds. After doing so, the Reboot Van can only be used again after 120 seconds. When a player is brought back to life, he returns to the battlefield with a common pistol, 36 ammunition, and 100 wooden units. Since surviving is the key to winning at the Royal Battle, bringing comrades back to life remains a very important strategy to take into consideration, especially to reverse the outcome of a match in the final stages of the game.

Where to find the Restart Vans

As you can see in the map proposed at the bottom of the page, the Restart Vans are scattered all over the island of Battaglia Reale. There are 19 of them in all, and you can find at least one in all the places indicated on the map. So whenever a teammate falls on the battlefield, then, try to collect the card by the end of the 90 seconds and take it to the nearest Restart van.