Fortnite Save The World

Fortnite Save The World At A Discounted Price Only For A Limited Period

Only for a few days, Epic Games has decided to discount Fortnite Save the World, offering various editions of PvE at a reduced price on all major platforms including Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Nintendo eShop.

Until April 23rd it will be possible to buy Fortnite Standard Edition for 19.99 euros (instead of 39.99 euros) and the Deluxe Edition for 29.99 euros (instead of 59.99 euros) while the Super Deluxe Edition and the Limited Edition maintain the prices of 44.99 euros and 74 respectively, 99 euros.

Last February, Epic had discounted the world by more than 50% and today there is a new opportunity to buy the complete Fortnite package (which includes PvE mode and numerous bonuses such as weapons and aesthetic contents) at a very discounted price.

The reason for this move is soon said, as you will know Fortnite Salva il Mondo will become free to play during 2019, Epic, therefore, wants to offer the opportunity to become supporters by purchasing the digital version now, so as to obtain exclusive bonuses and benefits also in the next future compared to F2P users.


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