Fortnite: ‘Tfue’ Said Enough, He Will Leave After The World Cup

Turner “Tfue” Tenney, well known FaZe player/streamer Clan has dropped the bomb even using strong enough tones, revealing that the Fortnite World Cup will be his last tournament before retiring from the scene.

” I shouldn’t even play this …, I don’t care, ” Tfue said during a live session. ” I don’t need money. I’m just playing it for fun .”

Tfue is one of Fortnite ‘s most successful players, having won over $500,000 over less than two years, spread over 26 different tournaments.

The boy obviously made himself known to the crowd after the release of the Epic Games battle royale. His skill, combined with his charismatic personality, brought him notoriety and a lot of money, making him one of the most seen and known streamers in the world.

Now it seems that success has claimed its price: the stress of having to stay constantly at very high levels both in the competition and during the streams, has made Tfue the decision to leave at least the competitions.

Tfue’s lack of enthusiasm could also be the result of his health problems. He suffered from neck problems as well as being objectively exhausted by the rhythms imposed by his work. The next stop of the Fortnite World Cup will be on April 20th.