Fortnite: The Fidget Spinner Is Coming, the Position of All the Restart Vans Revealed

The leaker Lucas7yoshi has revealed the probable arrival of a new object in Fortnite, namely the Fidget Spinner, a very popular gadget between 2017 and 2018, which quickly ended up forgotten …

As reported by the leaker, references to the ” Fidget Spinner ” are present in the source code of Fortnite 8.30 , an update distributed last week and which seems to confirm in some way the imminent arrival of this content, which could make its debut during the Season 8 or maybe during Season 9 starting in early May. Another hypothesis is that the term “Fidget Spinner” has actually been used as a fancy name to hinder the work of dataminer and thus hide the real names of other objects such as vehicles, weapons or actually coming modes.

Fortnite: Location of Restart Vans

Another interesting news concerns the new Restart Vans, introduced with the Fortnite patch 8.30: the Intel Fortnite website has released a map showing the points of interest to find the Reboot Van, the special vans that allow you to return to the game after an elimination.

Finding the Restart Vans is not always easy, but this map allows you to always have the situation under control with the exact position of these vehicles in Team and Pair modes.



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