Fortnite: When Will The 8.40 Update Be Published?

Fortnite 8.40 UPDATE

The of Fortnite updates are generally published earlier this week, but the day is never fixed. The update 8.30 (which introduced the Reboot van ) was published last Wednesday, while a precise date has not yet been established for the next one. Epic Games, in any case, provided us with a rough schedule.

In a post published in the official sub-Reddit of the game, the American company has announced that the 8.40 update will not be published before Wednesday 17 April. This means that if something goes wrong during the processing of the new features, the exit could also slip on Thursday. Furthermore, with the release, Epic Games has also indirectly confirmed that the next one will be a complete patch and not a content update of the previous 8.30.

The changes that will be introduced are not yet known, but it has been clarified that the audio bugs reported by the players will be solved. According to rumors, moreover, Thanos’s MAT could make its return , just in time for the release of the expected Avengers Endgame in cinemas around the world.