Google Stadia: Indie Developers May Have Difficulties

Google Stadia

The reveal of Google Stadia has left everyone speechless. The one that wants to be the Netflix of video games probably has also defined the direction in which the market will move in the next few years, with the cloud and the streaming that will be more and more protagonists.

On the other hand, that’s how it already happens for TV, cinema, and music, and video games could only follow these trends, so much so that there are already those who bet that Google Stadia will replace traditional consoles. And yet the future of gaming in this sense will not be all rosy or small, given that small independent developers could pay the price for this new system.

Mike Rose, founder of indie software house No More Robots, talked about it: “If you see how much revenue the music industry has gained in the last ten years, you will see the decline of the music industry while the rise of streaming occurred”.

Rose took Spotify as an example, for example, and by transferring this model to the videogame industry, developers would be paid every time someone starts their game, and after a few hours of being used. In this way, however, small companies that for obvious reasons would not work on games with too long a duration would be damaged.

It is, therefore, a question to be addressed, in order not to completely sink an important slice of the videogame industry. What do you think of the situation? To learn more, on our website you will find an interesting special with all the information on Google Stadia.