Horizon Zero Dawn 2 For PS5: Unveiled Release Date?

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will be done, now it’s no longer a mystery. After last week’s leaks, when a voice actress accidentally revealed the existence of Horizon Zero Dawn 2, a new rumor arrives that may have revealed the release date of the game.

Already in the past rumors had emerged on Horizon Zero Dawn 2, and it seems that the title of Guerrilla Games could arrive even earlier than expected, given that there is the talk of an exit by 2021 on PlayStation 5, it is not clear whether as a Cross project -Play also available on PS4.

To launch the indiscretion is an anonymous European developer, who would be working on another PS5 launch game and, although there is indeed no tangible evidence about what it claims, launch date in 2021 is a fairly credible hypothesis. The first Horizon Zero Dawn took about six years to develop, and if we were to rely on these times, the sequel should not come out before 2023.

It must be said however that in general the sequels require less important development times, due to different reasons, so in the end, the leak could prove to be exact. For the moment we just have to wait for further confirmation or denial.

What do you think? What would you like to see in Horizon Zero Dawn 2?