Microsoft Announces Forza Street, The New Free-to-play Racing Game Available Today

A leak emerged during the past few weeks had already anticipated the arrival of a new racing game by Microsoft. The Redmond house today officially announced Forza Street, available today on devices equipped with the Windows 10 operating system.

More than a real new game, we are talking about a rebranding : the title, in fact, is the metamorphosis of Miami Street , announced in May last year. At the head of the project, therefore, we always find the developers of Electric Square , who collaborated with Microsoft and Turn 10 to further amplify the echo of the Forza franchise.

Ultimately, in terms of gameplay, we should not see any particularly significant changes compared to the original project, which proposed film-based competitions based on quick time events. Rather than mastering the vehicle, players must, therefore, show reflexes and perfect timing to activate the mechanics of acceleration, braking, and boost, and be able to get the better of the opponents. Inside the game, you will also have the opportunity to collect multiple specimens of racing bolides, including classic, modern sports, or vintage supercars.

Forza Street is now available on PCs and tablets equipped with the Windows 10 operating system (the leaks also cited iOS and Android versions, currently not confirmed). The game can be downloaded for free, but inside there are in-app purchases, as we can read from the official product description.

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