Octopath Traveler For PC Shows Itself In The First Official Trailer


Last week, Square Enix announced Octopath Traveler for PC. The appreciated JRPG, until now a Nintendo Switch exclusive, will arrive on Steam next 7 June.

To be precise, shortly after the reveal took place last Thursday, the Japanese house took it all back by deleting the post from the official website. Probably, it was made by mistake in advance on the internal timetable. Today, however, all doubts have been dispelled. Octopath Traveler for PC has officially appeared on Steam with a product page of its own, which confirms the release date of June 7th, includes many images and, above all, shows the first official trailer. The shots can be found in the gallery below, while the video can be admired at the beginning of the news. The price at which this version will be sold, unfortunately, has not yet been revealed.

In Octopath Traveler you can impersonate eight different characters, characterized by unique stories and abilities, and travel through the enchanting world of Osterra by making decisions that can influence the evolution of the plot. The combat system is turn-based, while the main and secondary missions can be addressed in different ways.