Playstation 5: Price Noise, PSVR2 And Dualshock 5 With Camera

PlayStation 5

That the desire for next-gen is rather high on the part of users, but also on the videogame industry, in general, is by now clear, given the high number of leaks and alleged information on PlayStation 5 and the new incarnations of Xbox that are coming in ‘last period.

Important information has arrived in the past few hours regarding Sony, also because this time there is the talk of a subject very obvious to consumers for obvious reasons: price. It seems that PlayStation 5 can cost a little more than originally planned.

This is because there would be some important new features to justify the increase, such as the backward compatibility of PS5, already announced in some rumors some time ago, but also PlayStation Plus Premium, a new version of the online subscription with new exclusive features.

The console should also offer an internal 2TB hard drive, support for 8K upscaling and compatibility with a new type of VR viewer, a kind of PlayStation VR 2. Another important feature will also be the new type of controller, the Dual Shock 5, which should even have a camera inside it.

So far as the price is concerned, there is the talk of a launch around 500 euros, in line for example with the price of Xbox One X.

What do you think?