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Pokemon Go: Guide To The Raid Of Latios, Best Attackers And Moves

Until April 22, Pokemon GO players can try to capture Latios in Level 5 Raids. In this mini-guide we explain to you how to prepare yourself to face them better, pointing out the most effective attacking Pokemon to field on the field.

Latios looks like a legendary Pokémon of the Psycho / Dragon type. During the fight, 49323 PL will be available and you can use the following moves:

  • Cozzata Zen (Fast, Psycho)
  • Dragospiro (Fast, Dragon)
  • Beaming (Loaded, Grass)
  • Psychic (Loaded, Psycho)
  • Dragartigli (Loaded, Dragon)

Remember that this creature will be enhanced by the windy weather, so try to tackle the Raid during a day when there is not too much wind. Furthermore, with a bit of luck, Latios can be met in its chromatic variant.

Weaknesses of Latios and better-attacking Pokemon

Latios is weak to the following types of attacks: DarkBeetleDragonFairyIce, and Ghost. For this reason, the best-attacking Pokemon to be deployed in the Raid are:

  • Rayquaza (Codadrago, Outrage)
  • Dragonite (Codadrago, Outrage)
  • Palkia (Codadrago, Dragobolide)
  • Salamence (Codadrago, Dragobolide)
  • Giratina (Ombrartigli, Palla Ombra)

In parentheses, we have reported the most effective moves to use with each attacking Pokemon. As always, facing the Raid with a good team will increase your chances of winning. To make things easier we suggest that you gather a group of 3-5 coaches. Alternatively, if you are alone or in a group, make sure to deploy the attacking Pokemon we reported above.

We remind you that the Latios Raid will be available from Monday 15 April 2019 to 13:00 to Monday 22 April 2019 at 13:00. Speaking of the recent innovations introduced in the game, on our pages we have explained to you how to become lucky friends in Pokemon GO.



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